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Mortal Kombat

Project Arcade RestorePosted by Rasmus RolfshĂžj Sun, September 11, 2016 21:44:14
I have always wanted a Mortal Kombat Arcade machine. I remember applying for a contest to win one as a kid and dreaming about winning it for weeks. No such luck though. So when I saw someone selling one online I felt like I had to jump on it. The article said that everything was working on the machine and that it had an original Mortal Kombat II PCB in it. So I made plans with the seller as to when I would come and pick it up, rented a large trailer and drove the 300km+ to Jutland where the machine was located.
However half way there the seller send me a message saying he wouldn't be home until late that day. Which would leave me waiting some 5 or 6 hours for him to come home. Moreover the online article for selling the machine was reopened now at a higher price than what the first article that I had agreed to....

Pictures to come.
Need a break from this one.