Purpose of Blog

Howdy traveler.
Welcome to my blog where I delve into whatever I find interesting at the moment. I have a great deal of hobbies and some of them I would like to share with all of you.

Basic Rigging

RiggingPosted by Rasmus Rolfshøj Wed, September 14, 2016 01:00:49
Over the years I have taught maya rigging to beginners and intermediate users. I have a great deal of small tutorials that I made for my classes. I will begin to upload them here so more people can get to them.


WorkPosted by Rasmus Rolfshøj Wed, September 14, 2016 00:35:14
Here is my showreel from 2013. I really should get around to making a new one.
I hate watching my old stuff... I also have a hard time watching my new stuff... And I have an even harder time watching my future stuff. Silly....

Go to vimeo page to see a more detailed breakdown of what I did in each shot. Every project is a team effort and I have worked with many awesome people thus I do NOT want to take credit for their work.

Compugame Cabinet

Project Arcade RestorePosted by Rasmus Rolfshøj Tue, September 13, 2016 23:24:17
The Mortal Kombat restore was bringing me down... It's hard to repair what you don't have. And the MK Cabinet was missing too many original parts for me to get it to where I wanted it to be. So while browsing for parts I stumbled across a for sale article for a Compugame Arcade Cabinet. Article said that the machine didn't work anymore but not what was wrong with it. I really didn't want to get into another machine where I would have to search for parts all over the world. The compugame cases are a lot more common and it should be easier finding original spare parts for it. So I bought it and brought it home. As you can see its dusty, it doesn't work and something lived in it at some point. Yes this is a picture of poooo. Hehe.
Poo aside I could see great potential in this machine and I already loved it.
The very sweet lady who sold the machine told me that it had been in her fast food restaurant many years ago and since then had been sitting in her garage for several years. It is really cool getting the story behind the machine and I like the idea of this being a burger join machine :D.
There was a game connected to the system, that turned out to be a "Bootleg Super Bubble Bobble". However when the machine died it must have done some damage to the board. I tested it and it powers up and gives you the title screen but doesn't react to inputs like start or coin up. I will delve further into this later.
However she also sold me a Neo Geo MVS board with a "Puzzle Bobble" cartridge.
Tested and it works great.
Looking through the parts of the machine I could see that it indeed was all original parts. Question was how many of them were working...
The Jamma harness had been chewed up or ripped apart. Perhaps when the coin mechanism was removed from the front of the cabinet. It was missing pins and some of the power wires had come undone.
I started testing each wire for continuity and began to move each wire to a new 56pin jamma connector I had bought online. It takes some time to solder all those connections but it is well worth knowing that the connections are solid.
Moreover the MVS board uses a variation of the jamma pin out, so I might do a simple fingerboard converter in the near future.

Pandora's Box 4

Project Arcade RestorePosted by Rasmus Rolfshøj Sun, September 11, 2016 21:57:11
Let's do a short review of the Pandora's Box 4 and talk about some of the problems I have run into with it.

Mortal Kombat

Project Arcade RestorePosted by Rasmus Rolfshøj Sun, September 11, 2016 21:44:14
I have always wanted a Mortal Kombat Arcade machine. I remember applying for a contest to win one as a kid and dreaming about winning it for weeks. No such luck though. So when I saw someone selling one online I felt like I had to jump on it. The article said that everything was working on the machine and that it had an original Mortal Kombat II PCB in it. So I made plans with the seller as to when I would come and pick it up, rented a large trailer and drove the 300km+ to Jutland where the machine was located.
However half way there the seller send me a message saying he wouldn't be home until late that day. Which would leave me waiting some 5 or 6 hours for him to come home. Moreover the online article for selling the machine was reopened now at a higher price than what the first article that I had agreed to....

Pictures to come.
Need a break from this one.